Digital Motion Media: Spicing Up the Visual Entertainment for Your Guests

February 19, 2019 at 2:34 PM / by Contributing Editor

Entertaining and informing gaming patrons is a never-ending goal of every organization.  Many organizations have moved past the static images that informed guests while on property, but giving entertainment to patrons while they are waiting in line or walking through your resort is still lacking in many facilities.  Digital motion media allows a continuation of the entertainment that the patron receives from their gaming devises and informs them of what is occurring throughout the facility – be it entertainment, food, special events, present offerings, special messaging or reinforcement of the great choice they made in gaming facility.  The use of digital motion media can also be used in your social media and digital marketing offerings, therefore carrying your message from the facility to the outside marketplace.

Many resorts advertise in their communities with digital billboards.  Why not now offer those vibrant images in your casino facility and entice a larger group of patrons to visit and at the same time extend your brand.  Giving motion to those images offers greater understanding and an animated realization to the message you are trying to provide.  Amazing visuals cause interest in your facility and organization.  These images can be taken from your advertising, database offerings or created especially to be animated.  Using motion (animation) will catch the attention you desire and excite new and present customers.

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Advertising should be a form of entertainment offering to your client, while inviting, intriguing, informing and finally compelling the patron to visit and frequent your resort over the other gaming and entertainment options, especially your competitors.  Extending your advertising theme into your resort maintains brand consistency and furthers the entertainment experience for the patron to return on successive visits to participate in future events.



Throughout many casinos worldwide, television monitors hold a great deal of the casino’s information concerning what customer’s interest should be, specifically events, entertainment, promotions and general information about gaming and non-gaming offerings.  These monitors and digital display configurations contain key information that allows the on-site patron to be advertised to in a method that they are familiar with and entertained by.

Many of the casino offerings throughout the gaming floor (slot machines, table games or bingo monitors) are vibrant and visually appealing, so why should advertising on your monitors be any different?  What your organization offers your customers across the resort should be vibrant and visually appealing, so why should advertising on your monitors be any different?  Slot and video gaming machines are compelling and appealing to a wide range of customers, so your advertising being digital in origin allows the guest to be informed and entertained at the same time.

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Utilizing digital display motion media instead of static media is a huge asset when developing your advertising assortment.  If there are animated advertising messages in the homes, hands (tablets and smart phones) and businesses of the consumer, then why would they want to go to your casino and settle for static images?  Streaming video on these monitors provides the entertainment that the consumer desires, along with valuable, real-time information about upcoming promotions, specials and events.  You can also utilize this form of broadcasting in your social media and digital marketing to reinforce your brand.  Engaged customers feel like they are part of the information curve and therefore come back more because they know what is going on and feel connected to the property.



There are a variety of companies that offer the content to casino organizations, and depending on the casino’s requirements and budget, there is a company that will be able to fulfill your needs.  Streaming video is accomplished in several different ways and can be supplied to your property.

Your patron’s wait to enter a venue, promotions booth, restaurant, front desk, elevator, bus platforms, in-room hotel channel and/or entertainment offering.  These dwelling times are a huge opportunity for advertising as they are high traffic, high visibility areas playing animated video advertising content. Digital media during these waiting periods would not only inform and entertain, but also pass the time for these patrons –entertaining, informing and shortening the perception of time loss.  This is a win-win for your organization and your customers.

How To Ensure Brand Continuity Across Multiple Customer Touch Points

Having creative content is paramount, but the monitor locations and how it is presented is an art form in itself.  Video walls are now becoming a trend that allows patrons to be entertained, as well as providing important information.  Many digital providers can banner, wrap and connect monitors to create an effect that will fulfill your entertainment wish list.  Creating art throughout your facility will not only attract and entertain your present patrons, but also become a must see for patrons who do not frequent your facility.  Be informative, entertaining, exciting and cutting edge!




Anthony “Bert” Bertino is CMO of Casino Excursions Resort Gaming Group and a guest writer for Render Impact.  Bert is a highly respected, veteran casino executive who has held various marketing and operations positions in casinos across the country.

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