Digital Signage System Integrators: Impress Your Video Wall Customers

November 23, 2016 at 1:16 PM / by Todd Rickenbach

Todd Rickenbach

Why is it so important to ‘wow’ the client after their purchase?  Simple, they need to be reassured that they made a good purchase, and in doing so, they will tell their colleagues in other companies about their ‘smart buy.’  It doesn’t take a marketing guru to understand that word-of-mouth is the best and most effective form of promotion.  Having brand advocates is one of the most important goals for companies to spread awareness about their company.

So... how can video wall integrators create that swelling of advocacy?  Easy, the integrator needs to make the best first impression possible.  By that, we mean impressing the client when you first ‘turn on’ the new video wall for testing. You know they’ll be watching when you first test the video wall. They need to be WOW’d from this very first glimpse. Static images, stock footage and power points will simply not cut it.  But what can you do? You're just the technician, connecting these pristine, high-tech looking, gleaming vessels of light. You know the opportunity (to impress your new client) was wasted once the switch is thrown, and these black holes of void come to life only to display a stock video, static image or worse, a power-point.  You turn around, all the executives are in their suits shaking their heads with disappointment in their investment.

Video Display Integrators Render Impact

You don’t want the above scenario to happen, ever.  To help avoid this unwanted situation from occurring, you decide to partner with a creative animations agency.  They help you create that ‘WOW factor’ by producing  a short :30-sec video loop (optimized for the overall resolution of the video wall) for the integrator to play during installation will achieve the intended goal, but it has to be compelling.  In this loop that is being played, there should be one thing for the owners and executives of the company to see as they walk by their newly installed signage.  

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You understand  the two most important elements are having color and motion on the screens.  A dynamic, colorful 3D logo animation of the companies is ideal (both the customer and the installer).  These animations will not only create excitement for the new video wall, but they will also solidify the AV integrator’s brand in the mind of the customer.  Creating this video should be easy for the AV integrator - they can either have their own graphics department create the animation (if they have the right tools and skills), or find a creative video agency to partner with to create the dynamic logo animation video.  A creative video agency, such as Render Impact, can create a 3D-animated video that is able to have customer logos interchanged before each new video wall installation for each new customer.  Creating anticipation and excitement around the installation and testing period by using an animated 30-sec loop is a great way to both promote the AV integrator and to solidify a positive  relationship with the customer.

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Take charge as the video display integrator and anticipate as you are testing the new system there will be the naysayers.  They will be cohorting around as you turn the system on.  How nice would it be to have their logo, your logo and some really spectacular content radiating from the screens from minute one? It will increase your exposure and increase your leads, because ALL those people watching the systems go live, they will see the video of your logo in combination with your.  This will cause a positive recall and they will tell their peers about you.

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Todd Rickenbach

Written by Todd Rickenbach