Upping the Digital Experience in Sports Arenas

September 12, 2019 at 10:04 AM / by Kara Fleck

The first time walking into a sports stadium, whether you were a kid or adult, your eyes looked up and found the Jumbotron display set up either in the middle of the arena or on either side of the stadium. You sat down in your seat and was enveloped in the action around you, but could look up at the screen and see the close up plays and other fan-engaging graphics. At one point in the not-so-distant past, that display was the home run in the sports world. Now, the bigger game to play is bringing your audience into the stadium and not just watching it from their couch at home. A big factor in attracting more fans is deploying more digital displays around the venue to engage and interact with fans with the goal of immersing them in an unforgettable experience.

LED Sports Sign Citi Field

Fan Experience

Concession stands, seats, guest services, restrooms, merchandise; the core factors of what the fans are scooping out when they step foot inside your venue. A top priority for them is to find all their answers quickly without having to ask around and possibly never finding them at all! The passerby’s eye will be driven towards your digital signage displays with motion graphics, so give them the answers they might not even be considering at that moment, but will be on their mind when needed. There is such a variety of options for content you could be displaying before, during, and after the game that the possibilities are nearly endless. Keep your audience informed with other events that will be taking place at your venue, perks and offers for becoming regulars, statistics about the team, etc. Show the fans the same information that they would be searching for on their smartphones. Keep the audience’s attention!

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Personalizing Venue

When the audience walks under your logo into the stadium, what is on the inside to make their encounter a once-in-a-lifetime feeling? What’s on the inside to remind them to keep coming back and comparing your state-of-the-art experience that competitors can’t offer? Content that is produced for advertising and shown inside the stadium often coincides with what you are using on your social media and website. It's a good idea to create a digital signage content strategy for each event and always make sure your content is flexible. Don’t be afraid to change up your content if something isn’t getting the Return-On-Investment you were hoping for. Let your digital signage balance between entertainment and informative so the fans can get the best experience and you can get the most out of your displays.



LED Jumbotron Display Video Animations - Digital Signage Content from Render Impact by SPI on Vimeo.

Sponsor Advertising

The versatility of your digital screens can afford you the opportunity to bring in revenue through sponsor advertising content. Using a robust content management platform, you should have the ability to control the content rotation on all your screens throughout the stadium or arena. The same vendors you have for alcohol and energy drinks, local and national affiliates, and merchandise partners will be interested in ensuring their product is seen and purchased by your fans. Digital signage ads can help drive those sales and the vendors will want to buy ad space on your screens to increase their success conversion rate. One football team saw sponsorship revenue increase by 50% when using digital signage to advertise instead of traditional, static ads. The more you can provide for you sponsors, the more the audience will be engaging with the product, which means more ROI for you!

Sports Arena Digitization is moving as fast, if not faster, than the sport that is being played in your venue. Enhance your fan experience, personalization, and sponsor advertising by keeping your digital signage content up-to-date for a bigger ROI. This will help you stay one step ahead of the game!

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Kara Fleck

Written by Kara Fleck