Digital Signage Content: Motion Is More Effective Than Static

November 22, 2017 at 12:16 PM / by Todd Rickenbach

Todd Rickenbach

 During a look through a company’s budget, it’s evident that more money is being directed towards content marketing. The impact it has and its ability to engage customers on many different digital platforms makes it the most preferred method of marketing for most businesses.

While there are several categories of content marketing, it’s important to know which will be effective in engaging customers as well as having the largest convertibility rates. Blog posts and display ads, among other types of static content, can be effective, but motion has been found to be more effective when used on certain mediums such as digital signage. The fact that it draws the attention, and keeps the audience engaged makes it more effective.

Here are several reasons why motion digital signage content is more effective than static:

Motion digital signage content is dynamic

The combination of bright colors, motion and beautiful displays are hard to miss even to those who may want to ignore it. It attracts attention more than any other medium. The fact that it is self-updating and can include real time news means that advertisers can rely on it to relay the latest about their product. The ability to deploy the content at any time and location makes it more dynamic than any other in the advertising world. The fact that the eyes, even busy ones, will be attracted increases the number of viewers and ultimately the possibility of increasing the conversion rate. 

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Studies show that motion content is 81% more effective in grabbing attention when compared to static. Some compare this to seeing a poster of a popular band versus a clip of the actual live performance, as they are totally different. A fan will enjoy a glimpse into a live performance more than seeing the band on a static poster.

It allows localization

Static content does not give room for change of data or content. If you have information that is location-based, interactive motion digital signage allows you to incorporate messages that are specific to a given audience in a location. This allows you to communicate directly to the targeted audience and avoid overloading them with unnecessary messages.

Effective in passing multiple messages in a short span

If a static picture is worth a thousand words, a moving one may be worth a million. With motion content, you can play multiple messages all in one video or animation. You can incorporate more details to help the targeted audience better understand the message you are trying to communicate. There is room for explanations, demonstrations and add-ons, features that make it easy to pass the message and keep the audience engaged.

Render Impact Motion Graphics Digital Signage Content

It can also help in cutting the cost of advertising. Instead of having multiple adverts in several locations; one motion digital signage billboard or display can carry multiple adverts. One about the company or brand, and others showcasing products, services, promotions, upcoming events and even social media feeds. Also, the content can be updated constantly, providing a steady flow of information, educational tips and entertainment. Such a feature means that the advertising spend can be reduced, saving the company some money or stretching their marketing spend even further. This feature also works to the benefit of the advertising firm as one billboard can be used to relay information for multiple companies, all that needs to be done is allocate time equitably or according to the contractual obligations.

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Motion attracts, it captures the attention of the viewers and keeps them engaged. To be effective, motion digital signage content needs to be creatively made, using innovative ideas and the latest technology to capture the viewer’s attention and convert them into customers. The medium is very effective in terms of reaching a wider audience, targeting specific locations as well as passing multiple messages to your audience. Use it to improve your marketing experience and you will have higher conversion rates as a result!

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Todd Rickenbach

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