How To Take Your Casino Digital Signage Marketing to the Highest Levels

November 18, 2019 at 3:58 PM / by Contributing Editor

Casino Digital Signage: Hiring the Right Content Creation Agency to Keep Up With Your Ever-Changing Marketing Needs

Animating your digital signage display ads can be one of the best methods to attract present and future customers. Digitizing your content brings new eyes to your advertising and branding concepts, allowing for more entrenched thought and reaction to your marketing spend. Your first impression to new customers is what makes future buyers choose to view your product. No-one has an exclusive on a customer, even though your product may be unique. Giving the consumer a vision of what they may purchase or attend is what entices present and future purchasing decisions.

Bringing your static content to life with computer animation and motion graphics is the best way to take your marketing and promotional ads to the next level, with the ability to capture a viewer's attention in new and exciting ways. Your present marketing staff or advertising agency should be creating the most eye-catching advertisements they can imagine (and if they are not, it may be time to outsource to a new creative agency). Your customers see quality animated ads all day, every day on TV, digital displays and social media. They expect the same level of quality from your marketing content since you are competing for their attention. If you do not deliver, you can be missing opportunities to bring in new customers and bring back existing ones.

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Digital signage is more prevalent now than ever before and can be found all around a casino resort property: outdoor LED displays, indoor horizontal and vertical monitors, video walls, kiosks, slot top displays, end caps and digital menu boards. But it doesn't stop there. Animated digital content should reach all customer touch-points with a consistent message. That means the same animated marketing videos that are playing on the screens around property should also be reaching potential customers on TV and online to ensure brand continuity.

Finding the best agency for you depends on your criteria and goals for reaching new and existing customers with dynamic content. Having people in-house is a noble effort, but they are restricted to what they know or are willing to try, plus they often have too much on their plate to produce quality creative. A strong motion graphics creative agency has varying consumer points and understands the hot-buttons that will attract consumers. The agency must be able to create in varying orientations, sizes and production qualities (4K, broadcast quality, etc.). They realize the diversity of their production team, based upon the diversity of your customer, and what they utilize to animate your static content to be recognizable and exciting to your viewership. The next item to recognize and resolve is how the creative agency responds during a crisis (and there is always a crisis when dealing with the distribution of your marketing content). Finding the correct motion graphics creative agency to produce your digital signage and online content is paramount to your visibility, growth and the success of future campaigns. View the portfolios of these agencies, ask for a free demo and realize what you want to see in your digital campaigns.

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I have personally used content creation agencies to take the static advertisements I used for my direct mail or print advertisements and digitized them for use on indoor monitors, digital billboards, online advertising in news articles and for digital marketing throughout a geo-fenced jurisdiction. I have also taken certain advertisements and created television commercials and broadcast them to potential consumers. The newest venue I have entered is taking the animated content and put them on mobile billboards (trucks that travel through highly trafficked areas advertising while delivering other products). Taking the static advertisements that your customer receives via snail mail, and now giving them digitized emails, mobile content and then on property monitors reinforces your campaign, message, brand and promotions through continuity.


The best time to digitize your content is when you are rolling out a new campaign or brand message. This timing gives your customer a full circle of content immersion and drives home the message that you want to deliver. If your campaign cycle is more stagnant (and you should question why), taking the content you presently have in the marketplace is what should now be animated. Either way, the sooner you animate and digitize your content, the sooner your recognition will improve.


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