MotorCity Casino Makes It Rain with 4K Video Walls

November 1, 2016 at 5:02 PM / by Todd Rickenbach

Todd Rickenbach

Render Impact’s relationship with MotorCity Casino Hotel continues to grow as they add new 4K video walls.

MotorCity Casino Hotel dawned a new face using a melodic waterfall and other pieces of captivating, animated content for their new casino entrance 4K video walls.  The casino-hotel commissioned Render Impact, a motion graphics and animation agency, to create a feeling of live, contemporary life using three-dimensional computer animation to have a waterfall fall over and interact with their logo as one of the featured content pieces for the new video walls.  MotorCity conducted extensive research on various content strategies for their new 4K Video Walls with the guidance of Render Impact.  They found that the new and exciting world of vivid 3D-animated videos has transformed the way in which they are able to reach their audience.

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Located in the heart of Detroit, the casino hotel is interested in staying at the forefront of innovation and consumer tastes. They know it is important to keep visitors engaged and excited through the use of their digital screens, placed prominently throughout the expansive property. Establishments, like MotorCity Casino Hotel, are allowing Render Impact’s motion graphic artists to have an artistic license to create eye-catching feelings that draw visitors into their establishments.  “Render Impact always goes above and beyond whenever we turn to them to help us out with elaborate video projects. We really appreciate their attention to detail and their determination to make every project turn out exactly how we had hoped it would,” said Amber Bryant, MotorCity’s Interactive Marketing Manager. As the world becomes more comfortable with the use of video, digital signage, and digital content, businesses are realizing that these huge blank canvases can be manipulated to be informative and experiential. Today’s consumers not only demand having information available at their fingertips, but they also want to be immersed in an experience.  Only with the use of digital screens are businesses able to provide this immersive, informational experience.  Couple that with the use of day-parting and businesses are able to play targeted video messages to audiences based on the day of the week or time of the day.

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MotorCity Casino Hotel uses their entrance video walls to underscore the idea that their casino resort is luxurious, exciting and technology-driven.  Guests no longer want to be told how to feel through pictures of cute vacationing couples - that's become cheesy.  Consumers want their senses toyed with, and vivid 3D videos jumping off their digital displays achieves that heightened experience they are seeking. The idea that viewers desire to interpret their surroundings by themselves has not gone unnoticed by Render Impact.  “Their [the viewers] tastes are clearly changing with new technology,” said Mike Tully, Vice President of Render Impact. Similarly in retail, consumers are now demanding that they are given product information to make their own educated choice.  Other casinos such as Las Vegas’ trendsetting Cosmopolitan use their video walls in a similar fashion to create a luxurious feel on the casino floor.

Render Impact’s designers were put to task, evoking the guests’ senses as they enter through the two large 4K video walls.  Water and fire were the underlying theme, two of nature’s five elements.  The idea evolved from the collaborative efforts of Render Impact’s designers and MotorCity’s marketing department.  A steel blue waterfall was created to pour down the wall over the casino’s logo and appear as if it is interacting with the surroundings.  The second video created for the entrance is composed of four unique, artistic segments: Vapor, Liquid, Shatter and Particles, each vibrantly colored and extremely captivating.  The vapor clouds play and intertwine with one another on the screen; liquid flows in slow motion with droplets interacting and separating; crystal pieces slowly shattering apart from one another; and light particles forming the casino building exterior then zooming-out to show the world from outer space. With these videos, it is clear that MotorCity is enticing their guests and heightening their entertainment experience before they even reach the casino floor.

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Todd Rickenbach

Written by Todd Rickenbach