Using Pre-visualizations (PreViz) for Digital Display Projects

November 14, 2019 at 10:13 AM / by Todd Rickenbach

Todd Rickenbach

In the digital signage and video wall world, Pre-Visualizations (also known as PreVis or PreViz) can be produced to show what a digital display will look like - in the environment where it will be located - after installation. The PreViz is usually in the form of a video and can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. A PreViz can be a very powerful sales tool for many companies who want to showcase their LED display, video wall or other digital signage solutions in a finished space.



Casino 3D Pre-Visualization Rendering from Render Impact by SPI on Vimeo.

PreViz as a Sales Tool

Using a PreViz as a sales tool is much more effective than a sketch, photoshopped image or static artist rendering. However, an artist rendering can be used to help create the PreViz, especially in an environment that does not exist. Pre-Visualizations can be taken a step further by mapping pre-produced motion content to the digital displays in the PreViz. This enhances the video and will make the PreViz even more powerful for presentations to prospective clients.

PreViz for Work In Progress Previewing

Pre-Visualizations can also be used to show work-in-progress previews during various stages of digital display content production. Creative agencies can use a PreViz to plan and easily communicate design proofs and content previews to their clients during various stages of motion graphics, animation and content production.



Restaurant Buffet LED Display Pre-Vis from Render Impact by SPI on Vimeo.

PreViz for Project Collaboration

A PreViz can be an invaluable tool for both content creators and technical vendors when collaborating on large scale projects or events. The ability to build out looks on various displays from various angles can help everyone involved in a design project better preview the content and understand how the content would look from different viewpoints.

Pre-Visualization allows a new door to be opened to your creative endeavors. It’s that one spark, that idea that you want to create to enhance your business. With using PreViz at the starting of your project, you will be able to watch your virtual reality come to life and be ecstatic with your ending result.

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Todd Rickenbach

Written by Todd Rickenbach