How PreVisualizations Can Help AV System Integrators Win More Jobs

January 6, 2021 at 3:18 PM / by Todd Rickenbach

Todd Rickenbach

PreVisualizations can be incredibly valuable tools for AV technology companies such as systems integrators, display manufacturers and AV designers. 


In the digital signage and video wall world, PreVisualizations (also known as PreVis or PreViz) can be produced to show what a digital display solution will look like - in the environment where it will be located - after installation. PreViz's are usually in video format and can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. They can also be created as a 3D fly-through showing a new space while focusing on the AV technology such as the the digital displays and content. The video below is a great example.


A Powerful Sales Tool

A PreViz can be a very powerful sales tool for many companies who want to showcase their proposed LED display, video wall or other digital signage solutions in a finished space. Using a PreViz as a sales tool is more effective than a sketch, photoshopped image or static artist rendering. However, an artist rendering (including CAD and SketchUp models) can be used to help create the PreViz, especially in an environment that does not yet exist.

PreVisualizations should be taken a step further by mapping dynamic motion content to the digital displays in the PreViz. This enhances the PreVisualization value and will make your presentation more powerful to prospective clients. End users want to see what their digital display solution will look like with meaningful content playing on it before they make the investment. This is how you impress prospective clients, create competitive advantage and ultimately win more jobs.


Differentiate Yourself from Other Bidders

It's important to strategize with your customer before you sell the hardware. Fully understand your customers' needs and objectives before you sell them any equipment. By having conversations with them regarding content, you can gain valuable insight into what they want to achieve, and in the process, uncover what they may want to see on the screens in a PreVisualization.  Don't skip that step because it could prove to be vital in the end. Understanding their content goals and providing a PreViz as part of your presentation or proposal will differentiate you from the competition and can give you a big advantage to win the job.

Furthermore, we are seeing that more end users and buyers want advice, counsel and support on what to do with the new video wall or network of digital displays they've invested in.  That is content and it's the conversation that needs to happen but rarely does. If your company does not have a creative team that develops dynamic content, you should think about partnering with a content creation agency to help you with PreVisualizations, content strategy and content creation.


Which Is Better for Your Video Wall - Art or Information?


Consider Including Content in Your Proposal

Don't let content be an afterthought in your digital signage or video wall solution. Content is being integrated more and more with the hardware and displays. Make sure you discuss content with your client and consider including at least the first "full tank of gas" in your proposal. In other words, offer your clients content creation services that will provide them with enough content for at least the first few months. 

Offering content creation can not only set you apart from other bidders (by offering a more comprehensive solution) but it can create a new revenue stream. You can white label content services that are outsourced to a content creation agency and also offer ongoing content creation as part of your managed service agreement. This is a solution that your customer may desperately need and one that you can benefit from. 

Remember, the content is just as important as the hardware or software. It should be planned and budgeted accordingly. It's easier to carve a healthy content budget out of the CapEx dollars for the entire project than it is to pull that money from marketing later - because they likely have not budgeted for it. 


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Todd Rickenbach

Written by Todd Rickenbach