Why You Need A Logo Animation For Your Brand

August 15, 2017 at 10:34 AM / by Jake Berg

Branding your business successfully is imperative to your company’s overall success and a logo animation is one of the most important brand communication tools. It offers a quick but clear and lasting visual snapshot of the company’s energy and identity. In a video, you only have a few seconds to get your brand featured, so you must make them count. Your logo or brand animation needs to stand out and leave your viewers with a positive, lasting impression.

Customers are forever on the lookout for fresh and innovative content that helps them better connect with the brand. Animated logos not only satisfy the need for a visual identity for a brand, they also provide their audience with an interactive medium to comprehend the message the brand is striving to communicate. Animated logos are the secret ingredient to success for brands wishing to come across as fresh, pioneering, and out of the box.

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Brands Must Be Sticky

Marketing departments need instant recognition of their brand because viewers’ attention spans are dwindling to 7 seconds or less. Using an animated logo as part of your digital branding strategy can elevate your brand awareness. An animated logo has the ability to contribute to the overall story behind your brand, thus connecting with your ideal target audience on a deep emotional level.

The traditional use of animated logos was typically found in film, but now businesses and brands are using them on digital signage, websites, animated TV Commercials, YouTube video ads, and even social media. Marketers and advertisers now have many more digital platforms and mediums to communicate their brand’s message than they did years ago. Logo animations can (and should) be used as part of an animated message or video to ensure brand continuity across multiple customer touch-points.

How To Ensure Brand Continuity Across Multiple Customer Touch Points

Good, Better, Best

  1. A good logo animation should be attention-grabbing and have high recall value, meaning the viewer will have an easy time remembering the brand’s logo.
  2. A great logo animation can instantly and easily explain to the target audience what type of company is represented through the animated branding.
  3. The best animated logos will not only have the logo remembered, but the viewers will also remember a brand’s subliminal message because it is etched into their minds after they have watched the animation.

The use of animated logos works wonders in inducing emotions in your audience. While text can be persuasive on its own, graphic design and visual imagery is generally more effective. Animated logos allow you to narrate your brand story since they have the potential to elicit specific reactions.

Tips for making a good logo animation:

  • Familiarize yourself with the branding guidelines and rules to maintain the identity
  • Think about what the company stands for, and how to portray this in the animation (is it professional, creative or fun?)
  • Think about the background and environment in which the logo will animate
  • Create a short storyboard of how the logo will animate and come together before getting started
  • Spend time building a quality sound design. Bad sound can ruin any good visual.
  • Start the animation by not giving much away. Make the viewer want to see more, then reveal the logo piece-by-piece.
  • Keep it under 10 seconds. The shorter the better.
Remember: The use of graphics in an animated logo instantly helps to convey the vibe of your brand. This serves to grab the attention of the audience for a longer time period. Considering the barrage of content and information users are flooded with on a daily basis, retaining the short attention span of your target audience is a tough nut to crack. However, an animated logo keeps you miles ahead of your competition.

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Ready for a logo animation?

Once you decide to include an animated logo as part of your branding and content strategy, you’ll need to decide how to create it. If you have experience with animation, motion graphics and editing, you could try to create an animation yourself. However, that takes precious time to learn how to animate, money to purchase the correct software and resources to get it done.

A better solution is to hire a professional agency to create your logo animation for you. At Render Impact, we love creating all varieties of motion graphics and animations for our clients!

Check out our portfolio and see it for yourself. We've created hundreds of logo animations and we'll team up with you to create the animation you need!

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