Digital Signage Content: Custom Created vs. Template Driven

August 13, 2019 at 10:02 AM / by Kara Fleck posted in Digital Signage, Video Content Marketing, creative agency, custom content


There are many different thoughts, ideas, and goals that run through your head when deciding to invest in digital signage for your business. The biggest thought is often based around what content is going to run on your digital screens! You’ve done your research, seen what your competitors are doing, and are ready to install the screens. The big, empty screens are waiting to be filled with content for your audience to see. There are different options when planning and creating your digital signage content; two of the biggest design options are Custom Creation versus Template Driven. Both content creation options will help fill your screens, but they will likely produce different results and have a different effect on your audience. Here are some major factors to consider when deciding which is right for your business.

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